Stord Twin Screw Press

Efficient dewatering of high-moisture pulp and fibrous materials

The Stord twin screw presses have obtained an outstanding position in a wide range of processing industries and more than 3000 presses have been delivered to almost 1000 industrial plants in 65 countries.

Continuous product development, adapting the design to changing requirements and process conditions, has kept Stord presses as the top choice for dewatering high moisture pulp and fibrous matter. The twin screw presses are available in a wide range of capacities.

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list image: Wide range of sizes and capacities

Sizes to suit every factory’s requirements and applications. The sizes range from small test presses to large volume high capacity presses for a variety of uses.

list image: Horizontal design - Easy access

The horizontal design allows easy access to all parts of the press. By removing the covers, loosening the sling clamps, and lifting off the upper parts of the press cage, the complete straining surface and press spindles are exposed.

list image: Robust design and low maintenance

The Stord press is fabricated in high quality steels in order to achieve a long lifetime.